Why you should own your streaming

Did already cut the cable cord only to become tied to streaming companies instead? Now instead of paying $100 every month to the cable company, you are sending $20 to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Sling.

Just when you figure out where your favorite show is streamed, it moves to a new service. Now you have to shell out another $10 to NBC Peacock to watch what you want. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Why pay any of these companies, and rent their content, when you are paying the same as you did with cable except now its split up into 5 payments a month. And at any time they can yank your favorite shows and movies.

Instead, do the smart thing and Own Your Streaming.

Need More Reasons?

How it works

Get Content

Step 1 - Take movies, shows, and music that you own the rights to and convert them to easy to work with file formats

Build Your Server

Step 2 - Build a simple server to stream those files to your devices (Don't worry, it's easier than it sounds).

Setup Your Devices

Step 3 - Setup your TV, computer, or other devices to be able to watch or listen to the content that you own anytime you want.

Take your media back!